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Hi there!

I'm Simon.

UX Enthusiast

I design engaging websites and apps for people

About Me

I grew up in the Midlands, fully immersed in constantly-evolving technology.

I built my first computer with my dad on my 10th birthday. I have always loved technology so this was my most exciting birthday yet. Over the next few years I experimented with programming, designing game assets, and learning to thrive in a digital age.

Eventually, I went to university to study engineering and obtained my degree in Aviation Technology. This steered my focus towards a more mechanical career, but I never forgot my true passion for the digital space.


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I started my tech career developing software in the space sector.

Satellite communications are an integral part of our modern lives, and those satellites only operate thanks to millions of lines of code. In my first major role, I taught myself to program in Java and wrote some of this code.

I designed software for the ground infrastructure, code that allows the satellite dish to predict which satellite will be flying overhead at any given time.

Programming mathematical simulations like these can be challenging and rewarding, but it often lacks the creativity and curiosity that motivate me. After 3 years I had begun to doubt my career, and decided it was time for change.

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A Creative Streak

Learning to be creative with computing.

With a rekindled desire to be creative, I turned my attention towards design. I enrolled on Bath Spa University’s Creative Computing Bootcamp, soon discovering my passion for the art of design and user experience.

From brief to delivery, I enjoyed working on a variety of design challenges and a real-world client brief, honing my design process and skills along the way.

I discovered tools like Figma and Miro, practised web development and front-end design. I created beautiful prototypes and scrapped many bad ideas. Most of all,
I learned to satisfy the deity all designers must respect:
the end user.

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